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Not Who You Thought Part 1

[This sketch is part of the Three Corners story.]

Curiously, for someone who lived in Wayland and who spent most of his day there, Walter Harbison rarely shopped at the Foodland Ontario store. “They just don’t carry my type of stuff,” was what he’d tell himself, but, in fact, he savoured the ninety-minute drive to Fredricksburg to browse the specialty stores there.

However, on the day after he met Read more…

Who Does God’s Work? Part 2

[This sketch is part of the Three Corners story.]

“It sounds like you’re reading a sermon,” Isaac said, right after Reverend Walter Harbison finished saying “justice-seeking lovingkindness”.

Reverend Harbison’s eyes developed a cheery twinkle. “It was, well, not my sermon, but one I heard from a speaker at last year’s conference.”

Isaac twirled his coffee cup gently as he Read more…

Who Does God’s Work? Part 1

[This sketch is part of the Three Corners story.]

“This is the perfect place,” Walter Harbison said. “Nicest coffee in Wayland. And I like the tarts.”

“The tarts are nice,” Isaac said, as much out of courtesy as out of agreement. He and Isabel kept measuring out their precious store of Nicaraguan coffee in smaller and smaller amounts, yet he found Read more…

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