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What Should I Share? Part 2

[This sketch is part of the Three Corners story.]

___ day of ______, 20__:

Oh dear, again I haven’t been updating. Precious Jesus, I thank you for all that you’ve done for me. At least I’m better than Bevys Waterwood. I mentioned to her at the tea last Sunday, and she said she just doesn’t have time, with Everett and the kids and their trip to Nova Scotia coming up. Well, I hope they have a good time in Nova Scotia, I’ll need to find someone to handle the tea the third week of August.

That Isabelle is a Read more…

What Should I Share? Part 1

[This sketch is part of the Three Corners story.]

___ day of ______, 20__:

Oh dear. I haven’t written in this in a long time. I really must get back to my daily practice. I liked so much that time after Audrey Corlette came to share with the ladies and we all used to keep journals together and then share them. I wonder if the others are keeping journals still. I really should ask. I’m sure Read more…

Not So Charitable

[This sketch is part of the Three Corners story.]

For the first five minutes of the trip, neither man said a word. Isaac was normally a voluble person, and a couple of times he opened his mouth to start on a conversation, but nothing came out. It wasn’t that Jonson, who had picked him up at the house so that Isabel could have the car, was difficult and taciturn—in fact Read more…

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